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The time has finally come: Two years after Black Friday shut down U.S. online poker, Nevada today launched its first legal poker site,

Apr 8, 2024
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It’s a new day; legal online poker activity for Nevada players begins today. After nearly two years of trying to make internet poker a legal entity, Stations Casinos-owned UltimatePoker looks set to be the first company to go down in history.

Of course, as advertised, you have to have an IP address traceable to Nevada, at least until the interstate agreement is finalized, and we're pretty sure that will be the case in the near future. Today's launch has exceeded the expectations of big players like Caesars; most are recommending September as the first testing phase for legal online poker.


Last week, state gaming regulators reviewed and approved UltimatePoker's technology, sending a big signal to Stations to move forward with the trial period. The company received the interactive gaming license last October.

The new legal website goes live today, offering limit and no-limit hold'em poker as well as a variety of single-table cash games, sit-and-go tournaments and multi-table tournaments. We imagine a bunch of engineers huddled together with their heads bowed and praying to the poker gods: "Please don't crash, please don't crash!"

All levels

It looks like the cash games are designed to appeal to both newbies and seasoned pros; we've heard buy-ins range from a few cents to $100. In other words, no significant online funds are at risk until all systems are ensured to be functioning properly. "This is a huge day for the gaming industry," UltimatePoker Chairman Tom Breitling told the media in a (sub)statement. "We are the first to offer real money poker not only in Nevada, but in the United States." company. Provide the environment in a disciplined manner. "

Breitling went on to say that Nevada’s existing strict regulations on land-based gambling should alleviate players’ concerns about game safety. But of course, moving these tight structures into an iGaming environment will bring many new challenges.

Keep playing

Starting today, Nevada poker players can register online, deposit funds, and cash out their winnings at any of Station Casinos’ 16 Southern Nevada locations. Obviously, if you live in Reno, if you want money, you go to Vegas. In the meantime, poker players who live out of state but plan to travel can still sign up, deposit money, and then play on their computers when they arrive in Nevada. Good times, the World Series of Poker is coming up. However, I hope ROW players (rest of the world) don't forget to cash out their money before returning to Stockholm.

Ultimate Gaming, the company that develops the technology used in launch sites, knows what this is all about. “The technology was originally acquired and developed by a U.S. company with a completely well-regulated regulatory profile,” said Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior (there’s a “no prior” joke here). "It's an honor to be first to market, but it also comes with a huge responsibility. Everyone will be watching us."

He's right. Players and the IRS. Welcome to the brave new world; now shuffle, deal, and don't forget to file your W-2G.

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