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Squirrel trapped in a window

A squirrel was unable to move in either direction; it was trapped in a slanted window at Gelsenkirchen-Bulmke-Hüllen.

May 31, 2024
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The squirrel hangs in the window gap and is rescued using a turntable ladder
The squirrel hangs in the window gap and is rescued using a turntable ladder


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Indulged in excessive nut consumption. - Squirrel trapped in a window

Did the small, ginger squirrel overindulge in nuts, causing it to be too big to pass through the window sill?

It remains unknown how the squirrel got into this predicament. The window is situated on the second floor of a multi-residential building.

Vigilant onlookers detected the adorable creature high up there. It was making loud chirping noises begging for assistance. The fire department was promptly contacted.

As the apartment occupants were not present, the rescuers in North Rhine-Westphalia dispatched their ladder truck and freed the little squirrel. Following the rescue, it was transported to an animal hospital for a thorough examination.

Rescue mission number two

A mere few hours later, the fire department was alerted to Gelsenkirchen-Schalke where a bird was trapped inside a ventilation shaft within a grate.

The rescue effort was somewhat simpler. The only step required was to remove the grate, freeing the small bird.

Both rescue operations were executed by young firefighter trainees.

These trainees, accompanied by a seasoned chief firefighter, were transported in a firefighting vehicle. This way, they learn the nighttime routine during their training and can also acquire experience in rescue operations.

Throughout their training, they attend small rescue operations within the city and assist in larger operations with additional fire engines and ladders.

A firefighter carefully removes the titmouse from the shaft
The little peep sits sadly in the ventilation shaft behind bars

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