Ohtani claims he never bets on sports, Pete Rose speaks out about gambling scandal

Major League Baseball (MLB) star player Shohei Ohtani says his translator stole his money. The translator was dealing with a massive sports betting debt.

Apr 8, 2024
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Shohei Ohtani (right) is interviewed by reporters accompanied by a new translator. Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani (right) is interviewed by reporters accompanied by a new translator. Ohtani denies ever paying off gambling debts for his former


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Ohtani claims he never bets on sports, Pete Rose speaks out about gambling scandal

Star Major League Baseball player Shohei Ohtani has reiterated his legal team's previous claims that his translator stole his money. The translator was struggling with a huge gambling debt.

The Los Angeles Dodgers superstar also told reporters that he had never bet on sports and had no idea that translator Mizuhara Ippei was in debt until the translator told the team at a meeting.

At a 12-minute news conference on Monday, Ohtani, 29, told more than 70 reporters through a new interpreter that he had never paid the alleged illegal bookmaker used by Suwon.

Suwon said "lie"

"I had no idea this was happening until a few days ago," Ohtani said. "To summarize, Yiping stole money from my account and lied about it."

"I have never placed a bet on baseball or any other sport and have never asked anyone to do so on my behalf," Ohtani added. "I have never asked bookmakers to do this on my behalf."

Suwon initially told ESPN last week that Dae-gu had sent money to bookmakers to pay off Suwon's gambling debts. Suwon owes at least $4.5 million.

But hours later, Suwon changed his story and told ESPN that Ohtani had not repaid the debt.

"I never agreed to clear the debt or pay the bookmakers," Ohtani reiterated on Monday.

Ohtani said Monday that Mizuhara ultimately told Ohtani that "he had sent money to the bookmaker through my account" during the meeting between the two, reported.

When I was finally able to speak with my representative, who discovered that Ippei had been lying, I began contacting the Dodgers and my attorney," Ohtani said. "My attorney recommended that we refer the matter to the appropriate authorities because this It's a fraud. "

When the controversy came to light, Mizuhara was fired by the Dodgers. Major League Baseball has launched its own investigation. Federal authorities are currently conducting a separate investigation into Mizuwon and Matthew Bowyer, who were determined to run a gambling business.

Ohtani currently has a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Dodgers. This is a North American professional sports record. He is from Japan and played for the Angels. He is a two-time MLB MVP.

Las Vegas Transfer

Additionally, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Tuesday that Bowyer has made "big bets" in Las Vegas in the past. Bowyer was also banned from Las Vegas gambling venues, The Washington Post reported.

Bowyer previously reported $425,000 in losses at the Aria and the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Aria attempted to collect $250,000 after presenting a check that was allegedly cashed. The lawsuit was reportedly dropped. Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is still trying to collect $1.2 million in casino tokens from Bowyer, according to news reports.

Bowyer never met or spoke with Shohei Ohtanti, according to his attorney.

Pete Rose Jokes

Former MLB star Pete Rose recently posted a video on Instagram, commenting on the ongoing controversy in which he joked that he wished he could Find a translator for your gambling story.

Well, in the '70s and '80s, I wished I had a translator. I’m going to get away with it,” Ross said.

The former Cincinnati Reds player has been banned again after betting on his own team's 50 games, an MLB investigation found.

Rose also played for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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