Officials schedule workshops for climate extremists.

There are individuals who are considered radical climate activists and extreme leftist squatters in Hamburg. Nevertheless, the city still conducts workshops for young volunteers.

May 30, 2024
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Radical members of "Extinction Rebellion" block a road in the Netherlands, police have to use water...
Radical members of "Extinction Rebellion" block a road in the Netherlands, police have to use water cannon


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Volunteers dedicated to environmental causes - Officials schedule workshops for climate extremists.

Nearly 3,000 eco-friendly institutions in Germany host the Voluntary Ecological Year (FOJ) program, where people aged between 16 and 26 focus on environmental protection, nature conservation, and sustainability.

In the Hanseatic city, the green-leaning environmental authority organizes workshops for approximately 80 FOJ participants each year. These sessions include trips to organizations like the Loki-Schmidt Foundation, Greenpeace, and the Table.

But even to the extreme left!

  • In 2022, the Senate also included a visit to "Extinction Rebellion" in its annual schedule. This group takes action by blocking roads, bridges, and dyeing rivers green. In April, 21-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested in the Netherlands alongside the group for disrupting a motorway.

During the workshop, participants learned about "organizational structures within the climate movement, discussed legal protest methods, and experienced these methods first-hand." The authority claims there was no active encouragement to participate in XR activities.

  • The following year, the city legislature also welcomed FOJ participants to the known left-wing extremist center "Red Flora" as a voluntary overnight stay. From this base, violence against authorities during the G20 summit was organized, with frequent incidents.

A spokesperson stated, "no seminar took place, but it was just a visit to the open kitchen at the Red Flora as a voluntary offer in the evening." Minors did not attend, and "no input or guidance from the Red Flora took place."

CDU: No more tax dollars for visits to left-wing extremists!

What's the point of visiting notorious left-wing extremist groups? A political scandal for the CDU! Expert Stephan Gamm: "Taxpayer-funded workshops at radical criminal organizations, like Extinction Rebellion, or visits to Red Flora, or training in civil disobedience are not appropriate. These shouldn't be powered by taxpayer money."

Gamm questions the program's purpose: "The educational aspirations of the voluntary ecological year cannot be achieved in this manner. I anticipate that Senator Jens Kerstan will make sure future funds only support organizations and representatives who support the foundations of the German constitution."

The city of Hamburg spends roughly 35,000 euros annually on these seminars, in addition to the expenses of the staff assigned to FOJ coordination in the authority.

The major share of funding comes from the federal government: 174,600 euros were granted by the Family Ministry to Hamburg in 2023, 191,800 euros in 2020. These finances also "cover seminar costs," the authority said.

Police officers in front of the autonomous Rote Flora center during the G20 summit in Hamburg. Here the FÖJ students visited the
Police officers lead activist Greta Thunberg away at an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in the Netherlands

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