Fire destroys New York's Nevele Hotel, an abandoned resort planned as a casino

The Nevele Grand Hotel in upstate New York, once a bustling resort, recently suffered a fire. The complex is closed and dilapidated.

Apr 8, 2024
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A fire broke out at the Grand Hotel Neverle, pictured above. The cause of the recent fire
A fire broke out at the Grand Hotel Neverle, pictured above. The cause of the recent fire is currently under


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Fire destroys New York's Nevele Hotel, an abandoned resort planned as a casino

The Neville Grand Hotel in upstate New York, once a thriving resort, is now closed and in disrepair, having recently suffered a fire.

On March 19, a fire broke out in the Winter Hotel building in Nevere. Local officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire.

Due to the efforts of firefighters, the flames were unable to reach the main high-rise building on the 463-acre residential property in Wavalsin, New York. But the winter cabin was destroyed.

The entire building was completely impacted," Ulster County Emergency Services Director Everett Erichsen told News 12 Westchester. "It's unfortunate. We will investigate. "

Nevele opened in 1901 and closed in 2009. In its heyday, the Neverland Hotel boasted 430 rooms, two golf courses, an ice rink and swimming pool, and its headliners included some of the biggest names in show business.

Casino Advice

After closing, Nevele was proposed as a Las Vegas-style gambling venue. Instead, Resorts World Catskills near Monticello, New York, received a coveted license from state officials in 2014.

Developers recently proposed converting Nevele into a sports center or converting much of it into a hotel, the Middletown Times-Herald reported.

Currently, these recommendations have not been implemented.

Last October, Nevele was sold to a company called 1100 Arrow LLC for $5 million. Neverle remains empty, bringing back many memories of a bygone era.

"Neville does have a special place in everyone's heart," local resident Barbara Hoff told Jewish news agency JTA. "Everybody works everywhere, but Neville is really the biggest .This is the hotel. The one with the TV commercials.”

Multiple fires

The Neverah Fire follows other fires in abandoned hotels near the Catskill Mountains over the past two years. They were all inspected by the fire department.

In August 2022, a large building burned to the ground at Grossinger's Catskill Resort. Legend has it that this hotel was the inspiration for the movie Dirty Dancing.

It took firefighters six hours to extinguish a blaze at The Pines Resort last June.

The following month, two fires broke out in the same week at the Homowoc Inn.

Many of these vacant properties have been invaded by trespassers. However, there is no evidence that intruders started the fire.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that these fires were intentionally set. However, posts on social media sites speculated that these could be cases of arson in an attempt to collect insurance money.

Allenville Fire Protection District Chief George Budd recently called the conspiracy theories “defamatory comments,” according to the New York Jewish Week .

He confirmed that hotels in the area were once popular with mainly Jewish guests. So much so that it became known as the "Borscht Belt" - a reference to the food many Jewish guests ate while staying at the hotel.

The Jewish community should not be upset about these fires in the Borscht Belt,” Bader added.

Some posts infamously claimed that Jewish owners deliberately set fire to vacant buildings, calling it a "Jewish blitz."

"The term 'Jewish Blitz' is a terrible word, and it bothers me that I've seen Borscht Belters spreading it in Facebook groups over the past few days," said Marisa Scheinfeld, a photographer who lives in a city in the region, as quoted In the words of JTA.

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