Does the SVolt factory in Saarland face stability issues?

The SVolt battery factory project, the most ambitious job opportunity in Saarland state, is now in question as the Chinese company reconsiders its European business plan. This has led to heated debates over its potential impact on the region.

May 24, 2024
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So far, there are only computer animations of what the SVolt factory near Überherrn could look like...
So far, there are only computer animations of what the SVolt factory near Überherrn could look like one day


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Concluding Lauchhammer's Operations - Does the SVolt factory in Saarland face stability issues?

The Lauchhammer site in Brandenburg, initially viewed as a competitor to Saarland, has now been called off. SVolt attributes this to a shift in market conditions and the loss of a significant order.

To stay competitive, SVolt in Europe has revamped its sales approach and reassessed its location strategy. Their European CEO, Kai-Uwe Wollenhaupt, stated, "The global automotive market is currently facing significant ups and downs and is grappling with various challenges surrounding the transition to electric vehicles."

He further explained that these challenges are intensified by "the recent resurgence of discussions about the possible ban on combustion engines in the EU, which is negatively impacting our localization efforts."

The future of the proposed factory in Überherrn is uncertain, as there is staunch opposition to its construction on greenfield land. SVolt, however, maintains that there are "no changes" in the situation. The local council has approved the plan to designate the site as an industrial area, but the company seeks "final legal certainty" before proceeding.

It has been confirmed that there are "no immediate obligations" at this time. Strukturholding Saar (SHS) is currently in charge of the Linslerfeld location.

SVolt intends to hold on to the Eiweiler site. A rental agreement was symbolically signed there in December 2022.

Both the company and the Ministry of Economic Affairs appear to have been taken by surprise by this news. The ministry insists that the handover of the SVolt site in the Eiweiler district of Heusweiler, where battery cells will be assembled into battery packs, is still scheduled for July 2024.

The ministry spokesperson emphasized, "We have a continuous process underway for the Überherrn site. The development plan is not yet legally binding. No action is required currently. The operations in Überherrn are progressing as planned."

SVolt added, "Providing more specific details about the timeline would be pure conjecture, as many factors are beyond our control and influence."

So far only a computer simulation: the planned SVolt factory on the Linslerfeld in Saarland

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