Defendant in Las Vegas attack on judge reportedly has schizophrenia

A relative said the man who jumped a court bench and attacked a judge suffered from mental illness. The judge was injured.

Apr 8, 2024
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Defendant in Las Vegas attack on judge reportedly has schizophrenia

The Las Vegas man who jumped over a court bench and attacked a judge last week suffered from mental illness, a relative said.

Relatives of Deobra Redden, 30, told local media that he was not taking drugs when he attacked Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus on Jan. 3. Drugs to treat schizophrenia.

According to NBC News, Layden repeatedly swore profanities, slammed the judge's head into the courtroom wall, assaulted her and pulled out her hair. He also choked her, CNN reported.

Painful injury

The judge suffered serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. One bailiff, Shane Brandon, suffered a dislocated shoulder and facial injuries after an altercation with Redden. He also had to be hospitalized.

Court reporter Michael Lasso, 27, attacked Redden, causing cuts to his hand.

I was just shocked, I just reacted," Russo told ABC's "Good Morning America.""I don't even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn't been there. "

When Redden struck, Holthus had just notified him that he would be jailed in 2023 for attempted assault causing grievous bodily harm. He expected he would be sentenced to suspended rather than being sent back to prison.

The judge did not impose Redden's sentence on January 3 due to the attack and he returned to court on Monday, January 8.

Holthus later sentenced him to 19 to 48 months in prison for the April 23, 2023, assault with a baseball bat.

I want to make it clear that I will not change or modify the sentence I intended to impose last week before it was interrupted by the defendant’s conduct,” Holthus said before announcing Monday’s sentence.

Redden was charged with attempted murder Tuesday for the attack on Holthus. He also faced assault by a protected person, threats of extortion and intimidation from a public servant in connection with the violence at Clark County District Court.

Adoptive mother shocked

Redden's adoptive mother, Karen Springer, told "KVVU" last week's outburst "shocked me as much as it shocked everyone else."

"I just don't think his actions were premeditated, but he was triggered because he seemed to be asking for freedom," said LaDonna Daniels, Redden's sister.

I don’t think sending him to jail will deter anyone with mental illness – he needs to be surrounded by medical professionals,” Daniels added.

Last year, Redden was found "competent" to stand trial in the baseball bat incident, several months after he was ordered to receive inpatient treatment at a state forensic psychiatric hospital, Las Vegas TV station KLAS reported. .

As of Thursday, Redden remained in custody at the Clark County Detention Center.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson added in a statement released Wednesday. "Thank God for the heroic efforts of those who came to her (Holsas's) aid, especially her marshals and staff. Without them, the situation would have been much worse, as this defendant displayed extremely violent behavior , I believe there will be consequences.”

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