Chicago Bears Exploring Options to Acquire Top Selection in 2023 NFL Draft

Reports: Chicago Bears Are Exploring Possibility of Trading Number One Selection in 2023 NFL Draft to Panthers, Texans, Colts, Raiders, and Falcons for QB Bryce Young.

Jun 10, 2024
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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young celebrates a touchdown against Kansas State at the Sugar Bowl in...
Alabama quarterback Bryce Young celebrates a touchdown against Kansas State at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.


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Chicago Bears Exploring Options to Acquire Top Selection in 2023 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears are on top of the NFL Draft pecking order for 2023 with the first pick, but they're not immune to trade offers from other desperate teams, such as the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders, and Atlanta Falcons. The Bears have a horrendous track record, recording the poorest performance of 3-14 the previous season, which earned them the premier pick for the first time since 1947. They have the longest shot at +8000 odds to win Super Bowl LVIII, as per DraftKings.

The Bears have an established quarterback in Justin Fields, but the demand for quarterbacks in the upcoming draft is high. Bryce Young from Alabama is predicted to be the first pick. If the Bears trade their #1 spot, it's highly likely that Young will become the first overall selection. Bookmakers DraftKings even offer a prop bet that Young will be chosen first, at odds of -160. With four quarterbacks contending for the coveted position, there's a real possibility of four quarterbacks being chosen among the top ten. This year's draft also features strong prospects like CJ Stroud (Ohio State), Anthony Richardson (Florida), and Will Levis (Kentucky).

Typically, the Bears have an option to trade their top pick for multiple future top picks in 2024 and 2025 and a 2023 first-round swap. Ryan Poles, the general manager, emphasizes that they could also accept selective players to enhance their performance. If the Bears move down, they could still land an impressive offensive or defensive lineman. They could pursue an edge rusher to enhance their defense.

The Texans have next in line, with a current #2 pick. The Texans, like the Bears, have been struggling and want a new quarterback. Rookie coach DeMeco Ryans might consider jumping ahead to claim Young. However, a more conservative approach would be to trade the #2 pick and drop a few spots in the draft to snag a different prospect. The Texans are at a low spot with +20000 odds of winning Super Bowl LVIII.

The Houstonians don't have the most favorable odds at +20000 to win Super Bowl LVIII. However, there's a chance that they could pass the Bears and reach the top spot by trading spots with them and selecting Young.

The Colts are chomping at the bit for a quarterback. They are in a strategically challenging position at #4, as teams that want to secure Young will have to move past the Texans and Colts. "We're convinced that there is no freaking doubt the guy," said GM Chris Ballard, suggesting that there's no uncertainty over Young's value. The Colts' scenario could see Young going first, Stroud at second, and Levis or Richardson up for grabs for the Colts at #4. Although uncharacteristic, Colts owner Jim Irsay may be willing to make a bold move to outbid potential rivals for the #1 pick.

The Seattle Seahawks are primed with two first-round picks at #5 and #20, courtesy of their trade with the Denver Broncos for Russell Wilson. The Seahawks have not ruled out drafting a quarterback, despite Geno Smith's successful season as their starter. Carroll stated, "We've been drafting in the low 20s for such a long time, so you just don't get the chance with these (top) guys." The Seahawks, considered one of the most frugal teams in the league, could use their assets wisely but may not ignite a bidding war for the #1 pick.

The Seattle Seahawks had a 9-8 record last season and earned a wild-card spot in the playoffs. Their chances of winning Super Bowl LVIII stand at +7,000.

At pick number 7, we have the Las Vegas Raiders. They parted ways with Derek Carr and are now looking for a new quarterback. They have three possible options: the draft, a trade, or free agency. There has been chatter about Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Garoppolo potentially joining the team, with Garoppolo being a free agent and having previous connections to head coach Josh McDaniels from their time with the New England Patriots. If the Raiders were to trade for the top pick, getting C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young would be a fitting addition to their roster.

The Detroit Lions hold the sixth pick and are considering keeping Jared Goff as their quarterback. However, they could opt to draft a new one instead.

At pick number 8, we have the Atlanta Falcons, who also need a quarterback and released Marcus Mariota. Desmond Ridder, a rookie quarterback acquired in the third round from Cincinnati, started the last few games of the season with mixed results. Missing out on the top four prospects would force the Falcons to make a trade and move up if the Seahawks or Lions choose a quarterback before them.

The Carolina Panthers have the ninth pick. After finishing with a 7-10 record, they've acquired enough draft capital to trade their way to the first overall pick. Their previous coach, Matt Rhule, didn't perform well, prompting owner David Tepper to hire Frank Reich as their new head coach. With the fan base disgruntled, moving up in the draft to select a quarterback would be a positive move. The Panthers' odds of winning Super Bowl LVIII are currently +5,500.

The Washington Commanders possess the 16th pick and need a quarterback following Carson Wentz's release. With additional available salary cap space, they're likely to try and secure a veteran qb like Jimmy G or Derek Carr if they're still available. They might even try to make a move to the top five to draft Stroud or Richardson.

Finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a starting quarterback following Tom Brady's retirement. With the #19 pick, they could target a veteran free agent like Garoppolo, who may be traded from the Jets if they acquire Rodgers. Their odds of winning Super Bowl LVIII are +6,000.

There's a buzz about potential trades, draft selections, and free agency moves as teams prepare for the upcoming season. The Raiders, Lions, Falcons, Panthers, Commanders, and Bucs are among the teams looking to make moves to address their quarterback situations.

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